Author: Nunkuwarrin Yunti

Dream of playing netball for the Thunderbirds? Here’s some inspiring pics from their Instagram account.

If you’ve ever dreamed of playing netball for the Adelaide Thunderbirds, or if you just love playing netball you should definitely check out their Instagram feed – it’s full of inspirational photos from their games, training sessions and lives off the court. If you got to here, you probably found these pics inspiring. Your friends might too – sharing is...

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Breathe deep: local Adelaide musicians & stars of The Voice, ZK will blow you away

Zaachariah Fielding and Kristal West, better known by their stage name ‘ZK’ have been doing South Australia proud in The Voice! The duo first met in Adelaide four years ago where Zaacharia was performing as a member of an indigenous soul band. Check out all their songs from The Voice below and a few songs you might not have heard them perform before…including an original and Zaachariah’s 2011 Audition for X-Factor. Help them achieve their dreams by voting for them on The Voice – text ZK to 199 55...

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4 things you might not know about how smokes affect you right now

Most people know that smokes can be really bad for your health in the long term – causing cancer, disease and harm to every organ system in the body. But did you know that smokes could also cause damage and affect your physical performance right now? 1. Every time you smoke there is less oxygen going into your muscles, lungs and brain. If you’re a smoker competing against a non-smoker on the sports field or in school, the non-smoker has a big advantage 2. Smokes make your reactions slower and your visual judgment poorer. Don’t miss your mark because...

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