Author: Nunkuwarrin Yunti

5 gross facts about smoking… Whale vomit! Seriously?

I hope you’ve had your lunch! ‘Cause here’s some facts about smokes that will really gross you out. 1. The nicotine and tar you breathe in is the same black stuff they cover roads with! But it’s mixed with about 4800 extra chemicals in one normal cigarette, 69 of which are known to cause cancer. 2. Urea is added to cigarettes to enhance the ‘flavour’ – it’s the main component of urine. You smoke wee -flavoured smokes? Eww 3. There’s hydrogen cyanide in cigarette smoke – the same thing as in rat poison. Nasty. 4. Sometimes they add ‘ambergris’ to smokes,...

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Are you dreaming of playing in the AFL? Here’s 5 Adelaide based Aboriginal players you can follow on Instagram

Instagram is a great place to follow the people you look up to for inspiration. Here’s 5 great Adelaide based Aboriginal AFL players who are living the dream! Eddie Betts – @eddiebthe3rd Brendon Ah Chee – @ahchee41 Karl Ammon – @karlamonn Jarman Impey – @jarmanimpey Jake Neade – @jakeneade32 *These players are not affiliated with the ‘Don’t let your dreams go up in smokes’ campaign. If you enjoyed this article may be your friends will too?...

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We have lift off! Don’t let your dreams go up in smokes.

Welcome to the blog for the “Don’t let your dreams go up in smokes” campaign! The campaign is all about young people believing in themselves to achieve their dreams. We want to help spread the word that smoking is not fun or cool – and that cigarettes are not part of our culture. We’re proud of our community and we want to work together to make our mob’s future smoke free. We’re not interested in lecturing you – most people already know that smokes cause terrible cancer and disease later in life. But we want to give you the facts...

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