Author: Nunkuwarrin Yunti

“Stop making excuses, smoking just makes things worse”

Mr Nathan Kauschke has felt energised and motivated to get fit and healthy since giving up the smokes 952 hours ago, that is 5 weeks ago. Family members have commented on Nathan’s improved breathing and he’s feeling relieved. As an asthmatic, quitting smoking has had a huge impact on his health. “Stop making excuses – smoking is just makes things worse” Nathan said as he spoke about his journey to quit. In the past the excuses to smoke where endless for Nathan. Certain times triggered him to smoke, when he got up in the morning or after dinner, when...

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“I don’t want to smoke, enough’s enough!”

Ngarrindjeri great-grandmother Maxine Risk –Sumner gave up smoking on January the 13th 2016. This has been a challenging yet rewarding accomplishment for Maxine as smoking was her passion, she felt good when she smoked. It seemingly solved her problems and she was totally reliant upon the puyu (cigarettes). Over the years Maxine had attempted to quit many times however found the temptations to smoke overwhelming, especially whilst having others smoke around her. She believed that she was young, resilient and therefore had plenty of time to quit in the future. Losing her nephew to smoking was a wakeup call....

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The Tackling Tobacco Team visited the Brady Street Clinic and this is what they had to say!

The Nunkuwarrin Yunti Brady Street Clinic in Elizabeth support healthy smoke free lifestyles. A big thank-you to those who participated. If you need help to quit please drop by the clinic for more information or call 8406 1600. Have you got a short film idea or would you like to star in a film? Contact us on...

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2 proper years since I took my last draw from a cigarette!

It’s been 2 proper years since I took my last draw from a cigarette and it’s been the best 2 years for me personally as well as for my family. I can’t remember exactly when or why I took up smoking fulltime, but I do remember the first time I tried it. Escort Blue to be precise, and the only reason I tried it was due to peer pressure and the desire to be one of the “cool” kids. Mind you, it was at a Church camp down at Port Elliot and I was only 14, and I remember...

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