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Getting additional support improves your chances of quitting. We recommend contacting us at 08 8406 1600 or You can also call Quitline on 13 78 48 for telephone counselling support. More information at

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Quit Groups

The Nunkuwarrin Yunti Tackling Tobacco Team offer Journey to Health groups to assist staff on their journey to a smoke-free future.  The group setting provides an opportunity to share experiences and support each other through the process of quitting. Most smokers do want to quit, and our team is there to help. We cover topics such as Types of Addiction, Ways to Quit & Planning, Motivation, and Your Smoking Story.  Sessions include: Carbon Monoxide testing to assess how smoking is affecting you Learning more about nicotine replacement therapy/ medications and what to consider Experienced facilitators/ presenters Sharing stories and...

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