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Welcome to the blog for the “Don’t let your dreams go up in smokes” campaign!

The campaign is all about young people believing in themselves to achieve their dreams. We want to help spread the word that smoking is not fun or cool – and that cigarettes are not part of our culture. We’re proud of our community and we want to work together to make our mob’s future smoke free.

We’re not interested in lecturing you – most people already know that smokes cause terrible cancer and disease later in life. But we want to give you the facts about how smoking can affect you right now.

Smoking causes damage to your body every time you have a smoke – and it affects your performance in sport, dance, your singing voice – it even changes your brain.

And even though lots of people think smoking helps them deal with stress, taking up smokes actually causes more stress than ever as you get addicted and your money goes into the pockets of very rich people who own tobacco companies. Most people are trying to get off the smokes almost as soon as they start, and it only gets harder the longer you smoke.

Instead of sharing cigarettes, we want to help young people like you get involved in fun and healthy activities, set goals, and to find your passion or dream to chase. We want to hear from you about why you wouldn’t smoke and how you think smoking will affect your dreams – now and in the future.

At Nunk we believe that the most important thing is our family and our community that help us stay strong. We can learn from our family and elders, but we also know that we have a lot to learn from young people – people like you who will lead the change to help our mob be smoke free and live healthy lives.